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Starstruck is a very social guild focused on Raiding, PVP, and aiding our members. We are a very close knit group that is run by its members and managed by its officers. The guild's goals and outlook for all members is to be on top and vigorous in progress but above all else is to have fun. Killing Alliance always helps with that as well.

Guild Leader: Gwendallin (GWEN)

2nd In Charge: Gabz

Officers: Xelric, Corrupted

We are always recruiting more members. Talk to anyone to get a short interview and invite!


Raid nights are Tues Wed Thurs at 7pm to finish (usually 11pm)

At 6:30pm ST invites will start. If you are not invited notify an officer that your waiting and you will be admitted if need be. Often a second raid will start up if there is enough players waiting.


All loot will be given out by a Loot Counsil. The Loot Counsil will be formed of the Guild Leader, Officers, and one randomly picked member of the raid (The random member will be chosen at the beginning of every raid by a roll)


Every member that is raid MUST have and use the following:

~Ventrilo - Online voice chatting. Can be found at

~Omen Threat Meters - Threat meter that shows who is highest on the threat meter and can tell us when the tank is about to be outthreated so we can yell at someone. it is available at

~Deadly Boss Mods - DBM is a MUST HAVE for any raiding. Not just our raids. It pretty much tells you how to do every fight. In the entire game. It is available at

~GearScore - GearScore adds up a score from each piece of your gear and, fairly, tells you a numerical level of worth in your gearset. It is also available at

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This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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